TubeBuddy Review 2022: Best Free Features To Use

TubeBuddy Review 2022: Best Free Features To Use
TubeBuddy Review 2022: Best Free Features To Use

In this article, I will review tubebuddy and share with you the best free features you can use as a youtube content creator.

Pewdiepie, Mr. beast, nigahiga, Dude perfect. If these names sound familiar to you, you have a good idea of an enormous online audience and influence. We all know what Youtube is and how people who make the cut live a lavish life. But to get those millions of views on your youtube videos, you have to work with your YouTube search engine. It’s your work to make your videos fully SEO optimized for youtube search results.

But, only SEO optimization is not enough to get juicy free views. You need a good Click-through rate, the perfect title, and proper keyword research to come up with a solid video. To fix all those issues and give you a step-by-step solution, tools like Tubebuddy come into the place.

By the end of the article, you will get a proper idea of how to use this free tool to make your next well-optimized youtube videos.

What is Tubebuddy?

TubeBuddy is a powerful browser extension or tool that can help you optimize your videos and channel for better ranking and visibility on YouTube. With its vast array of features, you can easily find the best keywords to target, optimize your thumbnails and descriptions for better click-through rates, and track your progress over time.

Since its launch in 2014, TubeBuddy has become an essential tool for many YouTube creators. It is used by both small and large channels and has been featured in numerous YouTube tutorials and tips videos.

One of the best things about TubeBuddy is that it’s free. There is also a paid version that unlocks even more features, but the free version is more than enough for most people.

Let’s take a closer look at the Free features you will only need to grow your channel.

Best Free Features of Tubebuddy you can use

Among many features in the app, I have tried to create a list of my favorite free tools in tubebuddy that I have been using for the last 2+ years to grow my own channel.

Best Practice Audit/Checklist (PRO but you can do that by yourself)

Consider this feature a checklist for every video you publish on your youtube channel. It will show you some recommendations to follow while you are editing a video or uploading a video via the Youtube creator studio.

Once you’ve found the right keywords, TubeBuddy can help you optimize your videos to rank higher in search results.

The first step is to ensure that your video title and description include your target keywords. TubeBuddy will analyze your title and description and give you a score based on how well they are optimized.

Aim to get the best score and the ticks in all the points to maximize your video rankings.

Automatic Tags suggestions

Tubebuddy Automatic Tags suggestions

Automatic Tags suggestions are by far my most fav thing. Because when I write the youtube video title and descriptions, tubebuddy will automatically show keywords/Tags that people are searching on youtube with a possibly ranking number of that video.

So I can easily choose the best keywords/tags for my youtube video without any issue. And also, with icing on the cake, I can see in which tags my videos rank.

Although tags don’t play an important role in the latest youtube SEO update, I still use the most relevant tags on my videos.

Keyword Explorer and Research

Tubebuddy Keyword

One of the most important things for any YouTube channel is to target the right keywords. This ensures that your videos appear in search results for the topics your audience is searching for.

When you have decided on the keyword, you want to put it on your youtube video descriptions and titles, and you can do further keyword research on those specific keywords.

  • What is the search volume?
  • What is the competition rate (it will give you an idea of whether to use that keyword or not), and some related to ranking videos?

So if you want to make sure the best things to make your video ranked up, you should consider using 30 mins to use the keyword explorer to do the research. I spend around 15-30 mins on keyword research to rank my videos on the search result.

TubeBuddy makes keyword research easy with its built-in keyword explorer tool. Enter a seed keyword, and TubeBuddy will generate a list of related keywords.

You can filter the results by several criteria, such as search volume, competition, and more. This makes it easy to find the perfect keywords to target for your videos.

Search Positions

Search Rankings

This feature is basic and straightforward. It will show you how your videos rank and what keywords they are ranking for. It helps you analyze your video contents and keywords and edit them to rank higher. But make sure you don’t edit the video quite often. Because when you edit a video significantly and frequently, it will reset the SEO data from the search engine index.

Advanced embed options

Tubebuddy Advanced Video Embed

If you embed your youtube videos in your blog or newsletter, this feature will be a life saver for you. You can easily change the video resolution, media playback control, disable full-screen mode, and other useful options. By doing that, you can have a decent amount of control while that video is shown on your website.

Default upload profiles

Tubebuddy Deafult Upload Profiles

This feature is more towards productivity than SEO. By using this feature, you can set a default video title or video description. That will be placed automatically when you upload a new youtube video.

Now, you may say, not all the video has the same title or descriptions!

I got you. Here is the trick. If you have your social or Affiliate links, it will be the same (for most cases). So you can formate and write the Affiliate and social links in the default description field. Next time, you don’t need to copy those Affiliate links to social links from your other videos because they will be placed automatically.

You can always edit the text in the videos as well. So no worries at all.

YouTube Reuse details option

NOTE: YouTube has recently added kind of similar option like this. It’s called “Reuse Details” It will copy the titles, descriptions, tags, and video settings from one of your previous videos (You can select which video).

Channel backup

Tubebuddy Channel Backup

You want peace of mind knowing that your channel information is backed up. What happens if you got some problems on your channel and need to delete your channel. That means all the video titles, descriptions, and tags will be deleted forever.

So protect yourself with a backup plan by backing all the meta-data like titles, descriptions & tags. And you can import all of the data in your new channel videos without copy-pasting them manually. Isn’t that awesome.

NOTE: Check out this article, if you are serious about SEO: 21 Exciting SEO Tools For YouTubers & Bloggers To Boost SEO (Free/Paid)

Channel Analytics

Tubebuddy Channel Analytics

As the name says, you can see your channel analytics more clearly within your youtube channel without going to the YouTube studio. But also, you can check your competitor channel growth as well as your in a single graph.

And it will give you an initial idea of how you are doing than your competitor.

In-depth Video analytics

In depth Video analytics

You can get advanced analytics and insights instantly for any YouTube video. You may need this to know what’s working with your competitors’ videos or see how people feel about trending topics on the video overall – it’s hot right now!

Secret tip: You can copy the entire tag list of your competitor videos that are ranking and then paste it on your video. But never do that. Because there is no way, it will also work for your videos. As you might know, tags are not the only things to make your youtube videos SEO optimized. So consider that tag list as a baseline.

To copy the competitor tag list, open that video, and on the right side, you will get an option to copy.

Bulk processing

Tubebuddy Bulk processing

Find & Replace, Append or Remove from video titles and descriptions across your entire channel.

Are you looking for a way to efficiently bulk process your YouTube videos? If so, you’ll want to check out TubeBuddy’s Bulk Processing feature. This powerful tool allows you to quickly and easily process large numbers of videos simultaneously, saving you time and effort in the long run.

With Bulk Processing, you can:

– Find any text and replace text. This can be super helpful if you want to change any link from the previous videos

– Bulk edit youtube end screen and info cards

– Modify privacy settings in bulk

– And much more!

TubeBuddy’s Bulk Processing feature is an essential tool for any YouTuber who wants to streamline their workflow and save time in the long run. If you’re not already using it, be sure to check it out.

Pick a Comment Winner

Pick a Comment Winner

I’m sure you’ve seen the Pick A Winner feature in Tubebuddy, which allows users to select a winner from their video comments. It’s easy to find out who won without having too much trouble finding them or sifting through all those pesky spam messages!

Next, when you say to win (something), comment down below (something) and then pick the winner from Tubebuddy’s Pick a Winner tool.

Best time to Publish

Tubebuddy Best time to Publish

As you might guess, I am a huge fan of seeing analytics. And believe me or not, having a good look at the analytics increases your channel growth because I can see which things are performing best and which are not.

Just like the typical analytics, the Best time to Publish feature on Tubebuddy is a game-changer. By seeing this part of the analytics, you can see a quick look when most of the views stay on YouTube. By following the numbers, you can quickly get a higher chance of getting more views within a few hours of the video upload.

And you may not know that YouTube takes to consider the first 24-48 hours from the video upload time. YouTube analyzes the video views, shares, likes, and comments, which can lead to more potential chances to boost your videos to the rank list.

YouTube Thumbnail Generator

YouTube Thumbnail Generator

Tubebuddy also allows the creation of thumbnails from the still frame of a particular video. You can add text, images, and many things to that thumbnails. But if I say honestly, don’t use it. It’s not so good.

Instead, I will say to use Canva. Their template library is also so much enriched. And if you are wondering about the pricing, Canva is Completely free to start. No trial, No credit card required.

You can visit Get Canva by Clicking here.

Pricing of Tubebuddy: Is the Free version really worth it?

Tubebuddy is 100% Free to get started, and there is no catch. That means no free trials and no credit card. However, in their Free plan, there are some limitations. But I can say the free plan is more than enough to maintain and grow your channel. And you will be amazed by hearing this,

I have been using the Free version of tubebuddy since 2017 and still using the free version for maintaining my channels” – On top of that, I got a ranking on popular keywords. You can check out my YouTube channel and see the numbers yourself.

Then why does TubeBuddy has a pro version?

As I have mentioned, this tool has some limitations when you are in the free version. But when you update to the pro version, you will get all the features. The pro plan is more for channels of more than 7-10k Subscribers or who want to grow their youtube channel from the beginning.

But if you want the answer from me, then “Yes! The Pro version will be worth it”. I will also upgrade my license to the Pro version once I get a decent 50K Subscribers. Because in my research PRO version will be worth it when you have a large number of subscribers.

02 of the best feature you will get in the Paid version of Tubebuddy:

1) Auto translator (PRO)

The best way to connect with viewers worldwide is by translating your video title and description into their native tongue. It will help you reach more people and show up as a related video on other videos on their recommendations.

And by using tubebuddy auto-translate features, you can easily translate your video’s subtitles into multiple languages without paying freelancers to do this.

2) Video A/B Testing (PRO)

Video A/B Testing is an easy way to see which thumbnail, title, or description gets you the most clicks. By doing A/B testing, you will get a clear idea of what your viewers or new viewers love in your channel and your youtube channel videos. And you will be prepared for your next video upload with those recommendations.

Tubebuddy Free Vs. Pro plan

Besides the free plan, tubebuddy offers 3 different paid plans. (PRO, STAR, LEGEND).

Pro Plan: Starts from $3.50 per month and an extra 20% off when billed yearly ($33.60 per year).

But also, if you have less than 1000 Subscribers, you will get a 50% off, which will be 4.50$ per month.

Star Plan: Cost $11.50 Monthly and 20% off when billed yearly ($110.40 per year)

Legend Plan: Cost $26.50 and, like other plans, 20% off when billed yearly ($254.40 per year)

All the plans come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So feel free to try them out and make the best use of the trial.

Click here to check the all the feature differences and the pricing

The free version of TubeBuddy is more than enough for most people. However, if you’re serious about growing your channel and want to get the best out of this tool, the PRO version will be for you.

Is it really helpful to content creators (from an actual Youtuber perspective)

Yes. You will see the difference between channel management and video management with tubebuddy. I can check all the necessary things before uploading videos. The tag research, tag ranking, and all things give me a motivation boost and a piece of mind that my video is showing up in the results.

On top of that, default descriptions save huge time when inserting the Affiliate and social links. Another thing I love is to compare my channel to any channel on YouTube, just by going to their channel. The graph will have a few important stats.


I hope the review was helpful for you. If you can use the Free options that are available on Tubebuddy, you can get a long way without upgrading.

Always, remember YouTube Video ranking doesn’t depend on SEO tools and Plugins. You have to make videos that are search intents, High Retention rate and have good CTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a tool that helps YouTube creators optimize their channel and grow their audience. It provides a suite of tools to help with things like keyword research, video optimization, and analytics.

Will TubeBuddy increase your views or subscribers?

Absolutely No! Because tubebuddy is not an automated bot or something like that, which gives bots views and subscribers that make no sense to your channel.

It’s a tool/app that helps you to check SEO, optimize your youtube video, and channel management easier.

And to get views, you need quality content and a piece of knowledge on YouTube SEO. When you have these things, Tubeuddy will be your friend to show you guidance and tips to do that or do this.
So don’t think TubeBuddy will increase your views overnight, and you will be the Next Mr. Beast or MKBHD.

Is TubeBuddy worth it?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the value of TubeBuddy will vary depending on the specific needs and goals of each YouTuber.

However, many users find that the features and tools offered by TubeBuddy can help them to grow their channel and achieve their desired results.

If I say, “Yes TubeBuddy worth of using.