11 Easy Ways to Earn Money on Reddit: 2022 Ultimate guide

11 Easy Ways to Earn Money on Reddit: 2022 Ultimate guide

Reddit is one of the largest and most influential websites on the internet. It’s also a great place to make money. Earn Money on Reddit can be a bit of a challenge. There are many different ways to do it, but few of them are easy and correct.

Reddit is a goldmine of information; there’s no better time to start earning on the platform. This Reddit money-making article will teach you how to make money from Reddit correctly and even how you can take it up a notch by becoming an active Redditor yourself.

1) Provide Reddit content writing services

Reddit content writing services

Content writing on Reddit is one of the most popular money-making options to choose. If you have a passion for writing and experience creating quality content, consider offering your services as a content writer. You can offer your services to individual subreddits or larger websites.

Whatever route you choose, ensure you are prepared to work hard and produce high-quality content. To start offering writing services, you need to have some work samples of your writings. You don’t need a website to show your blogs, but you can get free blogging websites on Medium or Substack. Create a free account on one of that websites (Medium is recommended) and start writing.

When you have written at least 7-10 articles now, you can attach your Medium profile link to the Subreddit admins; by doing that, they will get a better idea of your experience.

After that, you can offer your services directly with your PayPal or other payment method or ask them to order your GIGs on Fiverr, Upwork, or other freelance platforms.

2) Become a moderator on a popular subreddit

There are several ways to make money on Reddit, but becoming a moderator is perhaps the most straightforward. As a moderator, your responsibility is to keep the community clean and organized by removing spam, enforcing subreddits guidelines, and helping users find the content they’re looking for.

Become a moderator on a popular subreddit

Depending on the subreddit, moderators can receive compensation through payouts or gifts from the community. If you’re interested in becoming a moderator on a popular subreddit, plenty of resources are available online to help guide you through the process.

To get started as a moderator on a subreddit, usually, there are no strict rules. But you must be the most active person on that subreddit providing value. The more you stay active, the more you know about the community.

Once you have spent a fair amount of time (3 months), you can then ask the moderators if there is any slot for Moderator.

You might need to go through an interview base on the subreddit, but don’t be scared, as this will be a normal interview just to get to know you.

3) Answer questions in Ask Me Anything threads, which often lead to lucrative consulting gigs.

Answer questions in Ask Me Anything threads, which often lead to lucrative consulting gigs.

Whether you’re looking for quick tips or more in-depth strategies, one way to make money on Reddit is to answer questions in Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads. Typically, these threads lead to lucrative consulting gigs from companies and individuals interested in your expertise.

When creating an AMA, focus on providing valuable information and insights that interest your audience. Additionally, be sure to promote your AMA thread prominently before and after it’s posted so that it has the best chance of attracting attention from potential clients.

IAmA Subreddit

Before answering the question, ensure you have done the proper research on the topic and try to give information from different sources. It will be built trust in your answers.

Another thing you can do is join the popular brand subreddits that fit your niche of interest. In that case, you will have a high chance of getting hired as a forum manager. Because as you might know, every big company has its own in-house support forum.

Earn From Ask me anything subreddits

Thus they also need a forum manager or Moderator. The more you can make good impressions on their subreddits, the more chances you have to get hired.

4) Write quality, engaging content that attracts followers and leads to Sponsored posts.

One popular way to make money on Reddit is to offer paid sponsored posts. But for that, you must have a good follower base. This part of making money on Reddit is straightforward. You will mention a brand’s product, shout them out on your posts, or recommend them on subreddit comments.

Write quality, engaging content that attracts followers and leads to Sponsored posts.

Because you have a follower base, people will trust you more than the company executives. So, you can make money from the company in exchange for their product recommendation. Either on your subreddit or in the reply of another subreddit.

Make sure you have researched that brand or product before recommending it. Because if that’s a crappy product and the people/followers who brought that by reading your recommendation, they will be unfollowing you. Your reputation will be destroyed in seconds. That took a long time to build.

Before you dive into this money making method on Reddit, make sure you have joined active communities. By joining active communities your answers and content will get more engagement. Also sometimes there also some subreddits, that have community funds. The more you provide value the more chances you have to get a portion from the community funds.

5) How to make money on Reddit with PAID subscriptions

One of the sustainable ways to make passive income from Reddit is through paid subscriptions. You can charge people for access to premium content that you produce (such as eBooks, reports, webinars, etc.), and then you will earn a commission based on the subscription fees collected by your subscribers. This is a highly lucrative option, and it’s also very passive income-oriented.

You can create a subscription page by using Wix, or a self-hosted WordPress website, where people can sign up for your email list or RSS feed, and then you can collect a monthly fee from them to access the newsletter or the contents.

I highly suggest starting with sendfox. Because you will be able to create landing pages and collect emails from your subscribers, and you can also send emails from one place. What I like the most about sendfox because there is no limit to sending emails. That means you can easily set up Automations without worrying about the limit.

This is a great way to build an ongoing revenue stream, and it’s also very passive income.

6) How to make money on Reddit with affiliate marketing

Making money with Affiliate marketing is common yet the most effective way. You can also do that with Reddit. You can sell products or services through links you create in your posts and comments, and then you will earn a commission based on the sales generated by your affiliates.

But making money on Reddit with affiliate marketing is a little bit difficult.


Because in almost every subreddit, there is a strict rule you can’t share your affiliate links when you are just starting. Even some of them don’t allow affiliate links at all.

That’s why you must wait and keep proving value to the community. After gaining popularity in that subreddit, you can share a few affiliate links. To speed up the process, I would try to gather email subscribers from the subreddits by offering free ebooks or digital downloads.

By doing that, you can start promoting your affiliate links from the beginning.

7) Monetize your expertise by providing paid consulting services to other users on Reddit

You can monetize your expertise by providing paid consulting services to other users. For example, you could provide tips on making money online or help users find profitable niche markets. You could also sell products and services related to Reddit, such as advertising space or premium membership tiers.

On top of that, if you have been doing a side hustle as a moderator, you can offer your consultation to other Reddit users who want to be a moderator.

It seems profitable to you, but it’s harder to start on day one. You have to be an expert on your niche before teaching others. So if that’s your ultimate goal, try to spend as much time as possible learning for yourself.

8) Make money on Reddit by Offering your services.

Design jobs Sub reddit

This thing is directly related to freelance work. If you know a skill and are good at it, try looking for freelance opportunities. You will see many Redditors asking for help and even looking for someone to solve a specific problem.

If you have found one of those posts, try first to solve the problem in the comment itself, or ask them if they are okay to check your freelance services that solve that problem.

As you know, Reddit is a large platform where people look for answers to their problems. So, getting your first few clients from Reddit is very easy. You have to keep in mind that case, and you must have had a solid portfolio.

Another thing to consider:

You can also share your graphic design, Reddit gifts, or other digital download assets. By providing digital downloads you don’t need to make the same thing again and again.

You must do this

If you want to have those clients for future usage, you must create a mailing list. You can easily create a mailing list by using email marketing software. By having the emails of your potential clients, you can later send them your offers and even upsell your new services.

Pro Tip: You can use Reddit’s search engine to find topics that interest you and offer your expertise on those forums.

9) Create and manage a subreddit of your own

There are millions of people around the world who enjoy reading and commenting on Reddit. If you have an interesting topic or a clever idea, there’s a good chance of a subreddit for it.

Before you start creating your own subreddit, it’s important to understand how Reddit works. Subreddits are collections of links and content that users can subscribe to and follow. When someone subscribes to your subreddit, they will get updates whenever you post new content or when someone posts a link in your subreddit.

To create and manage a successful subreddit, it is important to have good content and subscriber engagement. To get good content, be sure to post often and include interesting topics that appeal to your audience. To increase subscriber engagement, try to create subreddits with high-quality images and videos and engaging discussions.

Once you have a good amount of posts and followers on your subreddit, it’s time to post some sponsored posts or affiliate links. As you are the owner of that subreddit, you can share affiliate links without a problem. Make sure you are also providing value, not just promoting affiliate links.

This is the most sustainable and most effective way to earn money on Reddit in 2022.

PRO TIP: Try to build a subreddit on a micro-niche. In that case, it will be easier for your to find and join as an affiliate on the specific brands that match your niche. As your audience is from that same niche, the conversion rate will also be higher.

10) Traffic to your blog

Drive Website Traffic from Reddit

Reddit is a great place to get traffic to your blog. You can submit your blog posts to the popular subreddits or create your subreddit and post your content there.

You must first make a solid hook that captures your audience’s attention. From thee, try to make another hook that makes the audience impatient to see what’s next, just like in the “Series.” We wait eagerly for the next episode to see what will happen.

That next hook will also be your Call to Action. The call to action will be to click the link and read the full post without cost.

As you can see, there is a huge potential to have your blog content in front of millions of active users daily. If you choose the right format and formula, you can drive traffic to your blog posts without any extra money.

11) Earn Money from Reddit by selling Subreddits

 Selling a subreddit means you will give admin access to the buyer, and the buyer will be able to change the subreddit names and other things. Suppose you have a micro-niche subreddit about “How to Earn Money.” Now, if someone wants to buy the subreddit and make it brandable as their preference, you can give the admin access to that potential buyer.

Now, when the buyer gets access to your subreddit, they also get access to your follower base, to whom they will be able to sell their products. It depends on your Niche and Follower base. So, it’s not recommended because when you invest more time in your subreddit, you will get a better chance to earn more money by posting sponsored posts and affiliate links.

But if you want to grab some quick cash, this will be a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make money on Reddit?

You can make money from Reddit in many ways. One of the quick way will be: “Selling Subreddits”

How to make money Freelancing Reddit

Many Brands and Subreddits need content writers and designers to make their community stand out. You can offer your freelance services to those subreddit owners.

What is the easiest way to earn money on Reddit?

Affiliate marketing and Content Writing services will be the easiest way to start.


Reddit is a great source of free traffic and money. It’s free to get started, and most people know what Reddit is. If you can take a few days to focus only on Reddit, there are high chances of seeing some passive cash on your bank. I will highly suggest checking all the sections one more time and doing more in-depth research on them.

Remember, we are not the same. Our thinking is also different. They are based on my research, and there might be more valuable opportunities for your research. Please let us know your tip to earn free money on Reddit.

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