07 Best Gumroad alternatives you only need for 2022 – (Free)

07 Best Gumroad alternatives compared for 2022 - (Free)

In this article, we will compare the best Gumroad alternatives for 2022. We will look at free alternatives only. That means you don’t have to pay any money upfront, and I am not talking about a free trial. All the gumroad alternatives I mentioned have a free plan and pro plans.

Are you looking for some free Gumroad alternative? Check out some of the most popular options below!

There are many great alternatives to Gumroad when looking for a platform to sell your digital products. Some options include Selix, Lemon squeezy, Kofi, etc. Each platform has pros and cons, so it is important to do your research before deciding.

Summary – The Best Gumroad Alternatives

  1. Payhip: (I also use this) If you want to have something ready to go and a creator-focused platform, payhip will be a good option.
  2. Sellix: Best alternative to Gumroad with powerful Upsell functions, and also it can allow you to accept Crypto Currency.
  3. Sellfy: The all-rounder digital download selling platform. It can be costly in the long run, but if you are earning a decent amount every month, that small 29$ fee (0% Commision) will not be an issue.
  4. Buy me a Coffee: If you want to take both donations and sell your digital downloads then BMC will be the choice

What is Gumroad, and Why should creators use this?

Gumroad is a digital platform that allows creators to sell their products and services online. This can be anything from physical goods to digital products like e-books or software. It offers a simple platform that is easy to use and navigate.

There are many benefits for creators using Gumroad, such as the ability to sell products and services online, access to a large customer base, and the opportunity to make money from your work. Gumroad is an excellent alternative to other platforms, such as Etsy, because it offers more features and flexibility for creators.

But in recent years, with the growing numbers of content creators globally and the creator economy as the trend, more and more startup brands have come to the same game like gumroad.

So, that’s why it’s the best time to look at some of the more platforms to sell your digital products and pick the best.

07 Best Gumroad alternatives compared for 2022


Payhip Homepage

Payhip is a platform that allows creators to sell digital products directly to their customers. With Payhip, you can easily set up your shop, upload your products, and manage your sales processes.

One of the best things about Payhip is that it offers a free plan for small businesses. This means you can start selling products immediately if you don’t have any money to spend on fees. Additionally, the platform has various payment options, so you can find the one that works best for your business.

Now, you may be asking if all the platforms have Free plans, then what’s the difference on Payhip?

Payhip has the best features in the free version, and the whole dashboard is top-notch. It’s filled with useful analytics in a simple layout. Also, you can easily set up an Affiliate system on your website from the affiliate settings.

Payhip is a great option for those who want to sell digital products online. It has many features and payment options, making it easy to set up and manage your business.


Sellix is a gamechanger on selling digital products without any self-hosted website. You don’t have to create any website or hosting. But also, this is not your average digital item-selling website. You will get a complete suite of useful tools in sellix.

Sellix Homepage

The unique part of Sellix: you can accept Crypto Payment. Only Sellix allows getting paid with Cryptocurrency.

You can upsell more products to a visitor buying any products in your store. By doing that, you will get a better chance to double or triple the final purchasing amount. If you have never done upsell before, then you are probably missing some great opportunities to earn more money from your digital downloads.

The dashboard and user interface in sellix are super clean and modern looking. I love the dashboard so much more than gumroad. But as per my research, this is the only platform that allows accepting cryptocurrencies. Now, that looks like 2022.

Great Feature Sellix Upsell 1

Like other platforms, it will cost a small percentage for every sale. It’s very low compared to the competition and the functions you are getting. There UPSELL feature is just breathtaking. You can easily boost your New or Old item’s Sale numbers by adding upsell to your Trendy products.

Lemon squeezy

Lemon squeezy is a great alternative to Gumroad if you want a no-frills option to sell digital products. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other platforms. The user interface of lemonsqueezy is also very clean and easy to navigate.

Lemon Squeezy Homepage

It’s also free to start, but it takes a commission on every sale you make. There is an awful experience with Lemonsqueezy. I was using Lemon squeezy at the early stage, and they offered a free plan for a time, but suddenly they completely removed the free plan and went for the paid option.

Honestly, that was the most unprofessional move for them because, in practical eyes, they gathered the free audience and forced them to upgrade or leave the site. I have to move all my sides to my self-hosted website and Paddle.

Now, they follow gumroad’s new commission plan without any paid plan. But I think now there is more capable software than Lemon squeezy. I have a terrible experience with Lemon squeezy with my digital product selling experience, but I still suggest this platform.


Kofi is another great option if you want to sell digital products without any hassle. You can create your account and start selling right away without having to create any product or set up any sales pages.

Ko Fi Homepage

Some great features in Kofi stand out from the other platforms, such as accepting donations and memberships.

Kofi is known for taking donations online from your lovely supporters. But they also have the option to sell digital items within their platform and your Ko-Fi page.

They charge a commission for every sale you make, but you can remove the commission by paying a monthly fee of 6$ per month. It is pretty cheap.

Buy me a Coffee

Like Ko-fi, buy me a coffee and a donation-taking platform. But they also have the option to sell digital items and services besides taking donations online and monthly memberships.

Buy Me A Coffee

I have written a complete review and how-to guide on Buy me a Coffee for 2022. You can read it by clicking here.

In my opinion, Buy me a coffee is more suitable overall. It’s simple to use, and the developers are way more active than ko-fi. You can easily ask for new features on their feature page, and the founder spends a good amount of time reading the feature request.

Another awesome thing about Buy me a Coffee, they have Stripe and Payoneer as their payout method. So, if you don’t have access to PayPal or want instant earning clearance, Buy me a Coffee will be a good option.

To get started, buy me a coffee. It’s free forever. They don’t have any paid plan at all. They only earn when you earn a 5% commission on everything you sell. This can be a donation, membership, or any services on your digital download website.


Paddle is a game-changer for all the SAAS business owners out there who don’t have access to Stripe or Paypal. Paddle is functional and heavily optimized for selling digital downloads online.

Paddle Homepage

To use Paddle, you must have a self-hosted website and a domain.

You can directly sell your digital download from Paddle, but you must have a verified domain name at least. I have mentioned Paddle to sell you digital products because if you want full control and future expandability, Paddle will be the best choice.

There is no fess to start, but Paddle will take 5% on all your sales like other platforms. 

You can add Paddle to your website with their API if you are tech-savvy overall if you want to have a professional look to sell your digital download assets and looking for the best gumroad alternatives in 2022. Paddle will be the choice to go.


If you researched about the best platform to sell your digital download in 2022, you probably heard the name sellfy everywhere. And it’s because there are plenty of reasons.

Sellfy Homepage

Sellfy had the best experience from both user and seller perspectives. They have many solid functions to boost your sales. My favorite is the timer that can show a special discounted price automatically. But the fun fact is you can always keep running the sale price always.

The whole user experience is super clear and fun to use. You can get ready in minutes without jumping here and there. But as time passes and more competition gets unveiled, sellfy is now not my favorite platform to sell my digital items in 2022.

First of all, their pricing is higher than the rest of the platform. They have a free plan, but it is more meant for demo purposes and small business needs. Because you can only sell up to 10 products in the free plan, this may not be a game-changer for you, but for many content creators and business owners, it’s a deal-breaker. 10 selling items is very low in my perspective.

Still, Sellfy has the most useful functions you can’t find on any other digital items selling platform. If you don’t want to pay for the monthly pricing, you can get the Sellix, which will be a great replacement for Sellfy.


In conclusion, there are many other platforms you can use to sell digital products online. But these are the best and most popular options for now.

If you are starting to sell your digital downloads and already using gumroad to sell your digital downloads, these platforms will fill most of your needs. Gumroad is great and has the best features, just like the other platforms in this list.

So, now it depends on you and your brand’s monthly earnings. If you earn 6 figures monthly, it’s better to go with Sellfy or Payhip’s monthly subscriptions instead of paying a percentage in every sale on Gumroad.

So now that my friends have read this post, what do they think? Are there some platforms that I should add? I would love to share this post, where I have shared how to get organic views on youtube

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Gumroad alternatives?

There are many Gumroad alternatives, including Payhip, Selz, and Paddle. Each of these platforms has its own unique features and pricing structure, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs.

What are the fees associated with using Gumroad?

There are no fees associated with using Gumroad. You can sign up and use the service for free.

But it will take a cut everytime you made a sale. This cut depends on your total selling revenue. The more sale you get, the lower the cut is.

What are the Payout Methods for a seller in Gumroad?

Gumroad offers direct deposit (ACH) or PayPal as payout methods for sellers.

Do Gumroad Pays via Payoneer?

No, Gumroad does not currently offer Payoneer as a payment option.