07 Best Bitly Alternative You Will Only Need (FREE and UPDATED)

07 Best Bitly Alternative You Will Only Need (FREE)

Are you looking for an alternative to Bitly? Check out our list of the 07 Best free Bitly Alternatives.

Bitly is a popular free online service that enables users to create and share short links, or “bitly links.” Bitly links can be used to share content on social media and other online platforms and can be easily embedded into web pages.

Although there is no problem with bit.ly, it is trusted by many big names. However, as time flies, more and more startups have been launched with more features and fewer restrictions. So if you are looking for a more versatile alternative, check out some of the following free services.

Free Bitly Alternatives (My TOP #3): Summary

Pxl.to: Best Overall that Has Unlimited Click, Links, and Advanced Analytics with all the tools for marketing campaigns. I also use this platform as my link manager. Check the Full Review
Short.io: For the people with just a Custom link shortener who don’t think about analytics. Because it locks the advanced analytics in the Free plan
TinyURL: Create a short URL without creating any accounts. For the people who want to share something quickly

Best Free Alternatives of Bitly

The list is created based on my usage and experience. Try to read the post till the end because by doing that, you can get the best link shortener platform that fits your need.

1) Pxl.to

Pxlto Link Shortner

This is the best alternative to bit.ly if you get a lifetime deal with a one-time payment of just 39$. Because most of the features can also be found on other services but are locked into a Paid plan, which you need to pay monthly. In the Lifetime deal on pxl. to you will get all the features unlocked forever,

Pxl.to is different because it is built using a serverless architecture. This provides robust and reliable links with unparalleled uptime, protection against network and application-layer attacks, and low latency, no matter where your visitors are. Additionally, pxl.to allows for unlimited links and tracked clicks.

You can check the Full Review on Pxl.to here. I have discussed about some awesome features you can get from it.

The user interface is straightforward. But I have seen some visual hierarchy problems where there is not enough contrast between texts. Other than that, the whole user flow is on point.

Are you serious about the DEEP Link feature and want to ensure your youtube video links on your email newsletter are open in the YouTube app, not in the browser?

Pxl.to have a Universal Link feature for ios and App link for Android. This is the new standard of the Deep link. Also, you don’t have to select anything to make your links open to the apps.

You can have peace of mind if you are wondering about the Custom domain interrogations. They have provided a single popup that shows the way. It’s super simple; no worries.

Pxlto Link Shortner Retarget with

You will also get access to QR codes that you can use to make your links scannable easily. Besides, the support was ok. Not that fast or not that slow.

Another great part is they are doing a Lifetime deal offer starting with just 39$. Yeah, you pay it once and get unlimited links and clicks for life. On top of that, 5 Custom domains or branded domains are included.

It’s a steal in terms of the price. I highly recommend if you can grab the lifetime deal, grab it before it switches back to Monthly.

2) Short URL

ShortURL Link Shortner Homepage

Short URL is for those groups of people who don’t want to create an account for a link shortening. You can easily create your short URL by pasting the link right in the dashboard. And even without creating an account, you can track that links.

It’s owned by another great Link shortener brand Rebrandly. So, if you want to get in-depth analytics and track your links, you can move to their premium link shortener, Rebrandly. They also have a free plan.

3) Rebrandly

Rebrandly Link Shortner Homepage

Rebrandly is a link shortener service that allows you to customize your links with your branded domain name. This can be useful for creating short, memorable links for your website or blog that are easy to share with others. Rebrandly also provides detailed statistics on your links’ clicks, so you can track your link’s performance and see how popular it is.

With Rebrandly, you can choose your custom URL for your shortened links. This can be helpful if you want to make your links more recognizable and memorable or if you want to align them with your brand. Bitly also allows you to customize your links to some extent, but not to the same degree as Rebrandly.

If you want to track how your shortened links perform, rebrandly’s link analytics may be more helpful than bit.ly’s. Rebrandly provides more detailed information on link clicks, including the location, device, and browser of the person clicking the link. Bitly also offers link analytics, but the information is not as comprehensive as rebrandly’s.

If you use other applications, in addition to rebranding for your link shortening needs, you may find that rebrandly integrates more seamlessly with them. Rebrandly integrates with over 1,000 popular applications.

You can get started with the free plan. Letter if you are getting more and more clicks, you can upgrade to their pro plan. But Rebrandly will become costly when when you upgrade to pro plans.

4) Cutt.ly

Cuttly Link Shortner Homepage

Cutt.ly is a free online URL shortener service that allows users to shorten long URLs into shorter, more manageable links. By using Cutt.ly, users can make their links easier to share and remember and track how many people click on them. Cutt.ly also offers many features that make it a useful tool for marketing and branding purposes, such as custom branding, link customization, and link tracking.

You might be saying it’s the same as others?

You are right. Most URL shortener services offer the same functions but at different prices.

However, in Cutt.ly, you will get 3 Custom Domains and Unlimited Links in their free plan. Yes, it’s unlimited. They locked some more advanced features and analytics in their pro plans. But if you are a normal user, then the free plan will be your choice.

What I would say, if you want to have a mid-level free URL shortener, then Cutt.ly will be the perfect fit.

5) T.ly

tly Link Shortner Homepage

The T.ly URL shortener service is a great way to condense long, complicated URLs into something much shorter and easier to remember. This can be especially helpful when sharing links via social media or other online platforms. In addition to making links more manageable, the t.ly service also allows users to track how many people have clicked on their shortened URLs. This can be a valuable metric for gauging the reach and effectiveness of online content.

As the domain is small, it looks neat and clean. So, you can save up some extra words in your tweets.

You don’t need to create an account to shorten a URL for free. So, if you want to share a long link, t.ly quickly will make your link looks clean.

6) TinyURL

Tiny URL Link Shortner Homepage

Like Short URL and T.ly, tiny URL is also a paste-and-go URL shortener. You can short your long links from the homepage without creating an account. On top of that, they have affordable pricing that charges as per your active Tiny URL links.

Their website and the whole dashboard are clean and easy to navigate. They show ads on the homepage, but that’s a fair trade. 

7) Short.io

Shortio Link Shortner Homepage

Short.io is a URL shortening service that allows you to shorten long and complicated URLs into shorter and simpler ones with your custom domains. This can be useful when sharing links on social media or in other situations where you want to make sure the link is as easy to remember.

Short.io also offers several other features, such as link tracking and custom URL creation, that can be useful for personal and business use.

The whole UI and the dashboard are modern and easy to navigate. I love how the actual homepage is designed. It has Content Creators and a creative vibe.

They also have live chat support, and you can add your custom domains to their free plan.

Shortio Link Shortner Dashboard

Short.io is one of the best URL shortening alternatives available, and it’s free too!? If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to shorten your URLs, Short.io is definitely worth considering. Not only is it free to use, but it also offers a wide range of features that make it one of the most powerful URL shortening tools out there.

Whether you’re looking for a simple tool to help keep your URLs shorter or something more comprehensive with features like tracking and logging, Short.io has everything you need.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to shorten your URLs without any hassle, Short.io is definitely worth checking out!

Final Thoughts on the 07 Best Free Bitly Alternative you only need in 2022

We have reached the end of the alternatives to Bitly. There are a few reasons you might be looking for an alternative to Bitly, as I mentioned at the post’s start. Maybe you’re looking for more features or fewer restrictions. Or maybe you’re just looking for something different. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of alternatives to Bitly out there. 

Some of the most popular alternatives to Bitly include Rebrandly, TinyURL, and Pxl.to. These services offer similar features to Bitly, such as the ability to create and share short links. However, they each have their unique advantages. Pxl.to, for example, allows you to customize your links with your branding, while TinyURL offers a simple and easy-to-use interface. 

So if you’re looking for an alternative to Bitly, there are plenty of options. Just take a look around and see which one best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Link Shortner?

Tiny URL if you are in the Free Side and Pxl.to if you are ready to invest in the PRO Plan

What is the best Free link Shortner?

TinyURL and T.ly are the best free link/URL shorteners

Should I use Branded URL’s?

Yes, of course. It will give your brand and website additional personalized touch.